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Website Portfolio

Here are some of the sites we've designed over the past 12 years. Click on the images for a larger view. If you'd like to see a more extensive client list and the many different types of industries we've worked with, you can can click here.

Ecommerce Websites

Shop the Docks Website Stove Gaskets Ecommerce Website Distlers Pretzels Website
Ellis Music Website Carl T. Clark Fine Art Website Tobacco Sheds Website
BBQ Gaskets Ecommerce Website Kidstructive Fun Website Elegant Platform Beds Website
CalciBlend WooCommerce Website Kamado King BBG WooCommerce Website

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Legal/Law Websites

Employee Justice Legal Website Gange Law Website Lance Fletcher Website
Norinsberg Law Website Georges Esq. Website Cohen Fitch Website
Robert Renfroe Legal Website Trial Counsel Legal Website New York Penal Law Website

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Files in Order Website Money Care Website NEC Website
Accurite Payroll Website Lori Lustberg Website Your Money Inc Money Daily Money Manager Website

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Education/Consulting Websites

Mike Santoro Educational Consultant Website New England Ballet Website WWMS Website
CAG Website Edge Website What Would Mom Say Website

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Books/Authors Websites

The Scar Letters Book Website Hibiscus Publishing Website Siegfried Follies Book Website
Richard Alther Author Website Tariku Bogale, Actor and Author Website Roxie & Fred Book Website

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Child Services

Mindshare Technology Website Babies To Boomers Website Francis Foundation Website
Annettes Clubhouse Camp Website ABC Nannies Website

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Real Estate & Construction

AG Development Group Website Homestead Design Website O'Leary Burke Website
High Country Restoration Website VT Custom Concrete Website

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Heartwood Landscaping Website Morning Dew Landscaping Website

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Kimtek Research Website Cheetah Systems Website Eco Fasten Solar Website

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Lodging & Travel

Capitol Plaza Website Eden Mountain Lodge Amore Destinations Website

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Rick and the Ramblers Website Digital DJ Website Yangaroo Website
VT Blues Website Taryn Noelle Website Brandon Music Website

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Eden Mt. Dogsledding Website FGB Theaters Website Waterfront Diving Website
National Guards Museum Website

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Consumer Services

LR Pest Website Julie Jasmin Website Beautiful You Makeup & Hair Website
Mastercraft Memorials Website Middlebury Church Website Brickhaus Working Dogs Website
Puroclean Website Scent of Soy Website VG Florist Website
Valu Direct Website Shelburne Shipyard WebsiteSymmetry Pointe Furniture Website
Designer Maid WebsiteAll Directions Media Website

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Food & Beverage

Florida Bakery Website McCadams Distributing Website Baker Distributing Website
Sweetie Pies Cookies Website Sweetie Pies Cookies Website

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AGAUS Website VT Political Revolution Website

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Goldwater Taplin Website John Geno Insuring Website Champlain Insuring Website

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Trout Unlimitted VT Website Compostable Goods Website

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One Page Modern Websites (good for sites with little content)

Cell Tower Advocates Website Alpine Sprinklery Systems Website Transition in Change Website

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