What Are These Links On My Website?

Browser Hijacking – ‘Text Enhance’ & ‘Coupon Companion’, to name a couple

We receive at least a couple calls a month about this topic, so I thought it would be helpful to put in on our website.

If you are seeing text links on your website that should not be there, you have probably experienced a browser hijacking. Don’t worry, it’s usually not as scary as it sounds, just annoying. There are several forms, but most common is ‘Text Enhance’, and more recently I’ve seen ‘Coupon Companion’.

Text Enhance (Text-Enhance) is adware categorized as a ‘Browser Hijacker’ that attaches to your web browser as an extension, add-on, or cookie without your knowledge or consent. You can get infected by downloading a program or visiting a website.

The links that appear on the website are spam advertisements that allow the owners to generate income.

Note: These links are NOT on your actual website, they are on your computer only. It is also possible that the hijacker has put malicious scripts onto your computer. Usually you can easily go into your ‘tools’ and then ‘extensions’ or ‘add-ons’ in your browser settings and disable them. If you have difficulty getting rid of them, here is a helpful article.


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