Colors Defined

Explaining Color Types

cmyk color squares CMYK (4 color): There are four ink colors – Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black – that will mix together to create any color on a printing press

Spot Color (Pantone Color): This is a special premixed ink used on a printing press. The color will always be exact. Most often used for logos where it is important to achieve an exact color.

rgb squares red, gree, and blue RGB: There are three colors – Red, Green, Blue – that use a combination of light and dots on a monitor to create any color. All colors perceived by humans can be formed by the right brightness combination of red, green and blue. RGB is usually more brilliant in color and cannot be duplicated exactly in print. RGB color is used in websites and cameras and televisions. . .

Ponder This…

The presence of all colors in CYMK = Black
The presence of all colors in RGB = White

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