Video Transcript

Off the Page Creations: Avoid Mobilegeddon

(Throughout the video a Hand sketches complementary artwork.)

Meet Anne she has a website for her business but lurking deep within the interwebs was a menace she is unaware of.

You see, a lot of people that search for her site can’t find it because it isn’t mobile optimized and that means it’s a Victim, of (loud scream) Mobilegeddon.

Sounds terrifying Right? So just what is Mobilegeddon?

Well, Google recently announced that they now favor websites that are mobile friendly.

Websites that aren’t will be demoted in smartphone search results, while mobile-friendly sites will be given a Boost.

Fortunately, Anne saw Google’s announcement and called Off the Page Creations.

They were able to help Anne fight off Mobilegeddon by converting Anne’s site to a responsive design that looks great on any screen including Smartphones.

So thanks to Off the Page Creations, Anne’s website is once again safe from the perils of Mobilegeddon and is soaring to the top of Google smartphone rankings.

Is your site mobile-friendly? If not, Off the Page Creations can help. Contact us today at 813-818-0682 or visit us on line at

Don’t wait until it’s too late!

Mobilegeddon is upon us…

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