Websites Defined

As each business is different, each website is different. We will analyze your needs and recommend what would be the best combination for you. We’ve worked with many different industries and understand each customers needs.

Custom Designed Informational Websites

Informational websites, or brochure sites, inform the consumer about your business. They give validity to your business. Your website is the first place someone will go to learn more about your product or service on their own time. Let your website work for you! These sites are 7-15 pages on average. Examples are: Home, About, Contact, Links, Services or Products, Articles or Tips. Custom Design makes your site stand out against your competition.

Dynamic Websites

More and more people who browse the internet these days are expecting more of a user experience. With added features we can bring your site to life and pull the user in. With interactive websites the customer feels more connected to your business. Examples of interactive features include surveys, forms, guest books, blogs, forums and calendars.

Database Driven / Content Management Websites

Database driven websites are capable of storing and pulling specific information from the database when a user requests it. Some of the most common applications are E-commerce Websites, Guest books, and Membership Directories. A content management website is similar in its database use but is popular for users who want to frequently update their own site.

SSL Certificates: A secure site = happy customers

SSL Certificates encrypts (or scrambles) sensitive information that is transmitted from your web browser to the server that hosts the website you are viewing. SSL certificates are a ‘must have’ for e-commerce transactions, and for forms that take sensitive information. Recently web browsers have started warning users from entering a website that doesn’t have an SSL installed. Even though your site may not take any sensitive information, it’s still a good idea to have an SSL certificate just so that you don’t scare your customers off. Give your users piece of mind and make sure you have an SSL. If you host with us, the SSL certificate is free.

E-Commerce Websites

E-Commerce websites are online stores where you sell your products or services. Our full function E-Commerce sites allow the customer to browse your store, add products to his shopping cart, and then checkout and pay using a credit card; all while staying on your website. There are also many additional features such as ‘New Products’, ‘Best Sellers’, ‘Sale Items’, ‘Inventory Tracking’, ‘Customer Reviews’, ‘Discount Codes’ and ‘Search Feature’.

There is also an Administrative section where the business owner can easily add products or services, categories, update prices, change descriptions, and upload product images themselves.

Merchant Solutions: The nuts and bolts of payment

There are four key components to selling over the internet. The first three are the basics of any business transaction: the merchant, the consumer, and the bank. The fourth is specific to the internet. Payment Gateways are the companies who process credit card payments over the internet to be deposited into your bank account.

We offer many options to connect your website to a payment processing company. The most popular are:

Website Payments Standard PayPal

Customers shop on your website, but leave your website and go to PayPal’s site to input credit card information. Logo can be added to the PayPal page. Internet sales only.
Monthly statement fees: None because a bank isn’t involved, you get a check from Paypal
Gateway fees: None
Set up fees: None
Transaction fees*: 2.9% of sale + $0.30 per transaction

Website Payments Pro PayPal

Customers shop on your website and stay on your site to input credit card information, or they also have the option of going to PayPal’s site. Virtual terminal included.
Monthly statement fees: $30.00
Gateway fees: None
Set up fees: None
Transaction fees*: 2.9% of sale + $0.30 per transaction

Merchant Accounts / Payment Gateway

Fees vary by merchant, but this is a general idea.
Some popular MA’s are: Cybersource or your local bank
The most popular Gateway is:
Customers shop on your website and stay on your site to input credit card information.
Monthly statement fees: $5 and up depending on bank
Gateway fees: $17.95/mo. + $0.10 transaction fee (can be higher)
Set up fees: $99.00+
Transaction fees*: 2.25%-3.5% + $0.15-$0.50

*Transaction fees vary depending on monthly volume

We can advise you on the plan that would be best for you.

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